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Rubio for President

After disappointing results in Iowa Monday night, Senator Santorum suspended his campaign for President Wednesday and announced his endorsement of Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

As State Political Director of Santorum for Illinois, I. Jon Zahm,  have come to the same conclusion. The best conservative option for winning the Presidency of the United States is Marco Rubio. As of today, I am joining his campaign as a supporter. In Illinois that means I am joining an outstanding team of conservative leaders who have been supporting Rubio for months. These include…

Congressman Darin LaHood

Fmr. Congressman Bobby Schilling

DuPage County Auditor Bob Grogan

Senator Mike Connelly

Senator Jim Oberweis

Representative John Anthony

Representative Keith Wheeler

Representative Mike Fortner

Fmr. US Senate nominee Al Salvi

and many more…

I do like and respect Senator Ted Cruz. This was not an easy choice for me.

Perhaps Rubio can become President and appoint Cruz to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Ginsburg?


(s) Jon Zahm





Caucus this Monday, Feb 1 in Iowa

There are still some needs in Iowa to help push Senator Santorum over the top. If you can travel to Iowa on your own and help on Caucus day please e-mail Patti Brown at
A finish in the top 5 would be considered a success.

Senator Santorum in Davenport 1/25

Come meet Senator Rick Santorum in Davenport this Monday…
The winner of the 2012 Iowa Caucus is gaining momentum in the final days.
January 25, 2016 at 11:30am – 12:30pm
Davenport Library-Fairmount
3000 N Fairmount St
Davenport, IA 52802
Free and Open to the Public

Petition Objection Period is Over

Today at 5 PM was the close of the timeframe to object to petitions of Presidential candidates and their delegates. On the Republican side the only objections filed were against Senators Cruz and Rubio. Those challenges appear to be based on questioning their legal status/citizenship/eligibility to serve as President.

So now we can all focus on helping Senator Santorum do as well as possible on February 1 in the Iowa Caucuses. If you cannot travel to Iowa, you can make phone calls to likely voters in the state. Go to to volunteer.




2016 Santorum Petitions Filed Jan. 6

The Santorum Illinois team had a very successful effort with our statewide petition, securing a place on the March 15 Republican Primary ballot for Rick Santorum. A minimum of 3000 signatures, and a maximum of 5000, were required. We collected over 5400 and filed exactly 5000.

The volunteers who are running for Delegate to the July 18-21 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH, and who are pledged to Senator Santorum, are:

District 6: Tom Koppie of Huntley. Tom is a former two-term Rutland Township Road Commissioner and multi-term Republican precinct committeeman.

District 7: Carl Segvich of Chicago. Carl is the 11th Ward Republican Committeeman and played key roles in the statewide campaigns of Jom Oberweis and Adam andrzejewski.

District 8: David Rickert of Elgin. David is the Kane County Treasurer since 1998. He is a CPA and a US Army Veteran and the former Chairman of the Elgin Township Republican Party.

District 8: Daniel Bronson of Hoffman Estates. Dan was a Republican candidate for US Senate for 2016 before stepping down to endorse and support Jim Marter. Dan holds an MBA and is a financial analyst.

District 9: Penny Pullen of Arlington Heights. Penny is a former 16-year State Representative and was the Republican National Committeewoman for Illinois during the Reagan presidency. She is a long time leader of the Eagle Forum of Illinois and is the Founder of the Life Advocacy Resource Project.

District 9: Jeannine Como of Morton Grove. Jeannine is the top Santorum volunteer in eastern Illinois. She is active in the Niles Township Republican organization.

District 9: Mark Albers of Morton Grove. Mark ran a spirited campaign for village board in 2015 and is a small business owner and a conservative activist.

District 14: Kathy Salvi of Mundelein. Kathy is a successful attorney, wife and mother. She is very active in Catholic and charitable causes and was a candidate for US Congress.

District 14: Irene Napier. Irene is the longtime head of the McHenry County Right to Life organization, and has been a champion of pro-family causes in Illinois for over four decades.

District 16: Mike Margraf of Braidwood. Mike is a small business owner and has been a longtime volunteer for Rick Santorum, dating back to 2011.

District 16: Susan Graff of Braidwood. Sue is a conservative and Republican activist and supporter.

District 16: James Brenner of Machesney Park. James is a graduate student at Western Illinois University and is very active on campus in promoting Santorum for President.

District 17: Jon Zahm of Osco. Jon is the author of this blog and currently serves as President of the Bureau, Henry, and Stark County Regional School Board. Jon formerly served one term on the Orion School Board and one term on the Henry County Board. He is the District 1 Chair of the Henry County Republican Central Committee. He was elected as a Santorum Delegate in 2012 and attended the RNC Convention that year in Tampa, FL.

Alternate Delegates filed January 6:

District 9: Joe Hedrick, Angela Como, and Steve Polit.

District 16: Chad Waterhouse.

District 17: Gene Hollerud, Carla Specht, and Richard Leddy

Santorum for Illinois Leadership Team

Honorary State Chairwoman: Kathy Salvi

State Chairman: David Rickert

State Chairvolunterwoman: Penny Pullen

State Political Director and Spokesman: Jon Zahm

Northern Illinois Coordinator: Jeannine Como

Western Illinois Coordinator: Christie Schilling

Cook County Coordinator: Carl Segvich

Statewide Field Director: Gene Hollerud

Santorum College and Young Republican Director: Nicole Been

Santorum Deputy State Director: James Brenner

To volunteer please contact Jon Zahm at 630-946-8683 or e-mail

Thank you to all who helped with the petition drive!

Thursday, Dec 31 Petition Pick Up Day

I will be hosting a Santorum for President Petition and Paperwork Pick-Up day in eastern Illinois tomorrow, Thursday December 31.

Boston Market: 12:30-2:30. A Notary Public will be there with me. Elgin, IL on Randall Road just south of Route 20.

Silver Dollars Restaurant in Yorkville. Route 47 & 71. 4:30-5:30

If you cannot make this meeting you have other options.

Mail to Jon Zahm, PO Box 1, Osco, IL 61274

Fed Ex to Jon Zahm, 217 N. Railroad Street, Osco, IL 61274

I will be meeting people personally in Western Illinois Monday and Tuesday and will be in Springfield filing the petitions on Wednesday,  January 6.

Thank you for your help! Phone or text ?’s to Jon Zahm at 630-946-8683

Kane Treasurer Rickert Leads 8th District Delegates

Kane County Treasurer David J. Rickert heads up the Santorum for President Delegate Team in the 8th Congressional Di & strict. An Elgin resident, CPA, and Army Veteran, Dave has been elected five times to serve the taxpayers of the fifth largest county in Illinois. Dave is also the former Chairman of the Elgin Township Republican Central Committee. He is 2012 & 2016 Chairman of Santorum Illinois and now is a two time Delegate candidate.

Daniel J. Bronson, of Hoffman Estates is a lifelong resident of Illinois, having been born and raised in South Holland as the 12th of 13 children. Dan collected thousands of signatures earlier this year in an effort to unseat liberal incumbent Senator Mark Kirk. To unite the conservative movement, Dan selflessly decided to leave the race and endorse the other conservative challenger, Oswego businessman Jim Marter. Dan is a business analyst and earned an MBA from Columbia.

Ed Southwell of Elgin is an Air Force Veteran and longtime Republican precinct committeeman and conservative activist. Ed is a former Chairman of the Elgin Township Republican Central Committee and is an active volunteer at his church and in registering voters. Ed was an Alternate Delegate candidate for Senator Santorum in 2012.

The 8th District Delegate Petition is here: 8thCDSantorumDelegates2016

The Statewide petition is here:

PETITION – 2016 – Rick Santorum – President