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Gingrich Illinois With Newt Team is for Republican Unity and Fair Play

January 16, 2012

I have just reached agreement with Illinois With Newt that their supporter in Robinson Illinois will release his challenges to the Santorum petitions in exchange for me releasing my challenge to Newt’s. This is an example of the type of unity and class that is possible to achieve. Will Dan Rutherford and the Romney team do likewise for the betterment of Illinois? I hope so. It is not too late. Yet.


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  1. Penny Pullen permalink

    I guess we know who the gentleman is and isn’t. Thanks, Jon and all those who helped, for securing this victory. Pray now for the Romney team to see how deeply they are wounding their own candidate and for their state chairman to see how he is jeopardizing his own future.

  2. Douglas Crow permalink

    I’m going to have to keep this in mind whenever Dan Rutherford runs again for re-election or for election to any other office. I dislike dirty pool.

  3. From the beginning, it has been the position of the Illinois With Newt Campaign and Speaker Gingrich that no petition challenges would be filed on behalf of our campaign efforts.

    The Illinois With Newt Campaign reached out to an independent supporter of Newt Gingrich today and explained that Speaker Gingrich has asked that no challenges be filed on his behalf. It is our understanding that this Newt supporter has agreed to withdraw his independent challenge against the Santorum petitions.

    Nick Provenzano
    Political Director
    Illinois With Newt

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