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Good News for Republican Party Unity

January 18, 2012

Leadership from the Romney campaign (Dan Rutherford), Gingrich campaign (Bruce Hansen and Nick Provenzano), Paul campaign (Chris Younce) and Santorum campaign (Al Salvi and Jon Zahm) have agreed today to withdraw all petition challenges in Illinois against one another’s statewide and delegate petitions. This is a victory for unity and for allowing these volunteer driven grassroots campaigns to go forward and voters to have more choices. Kudos to all involved. I know that we will now have no problem rallying around the winner of the primary.


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  1. Sherry Wright-Falbo permalink

    I would never have thought anything less out of the Romney campaign.. Dan Rutherford is a wonderful, standup person.
    Congratulation to all of the Illinois campaign chairmen for bringing unity and sanity in the name of Republicanism, to this horribly corrupt Democratic controlled state.

  2. If you ever loose your way, always remember the enemy is to the left.

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