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Reports from Effingham… 1500 plus!

March 17, 2012

A rally at a manufacturing plant in Effingham drew a huge crowd today at 2 PM.

CSPAN covered it live.

Now we are on to the Mt. Vernon Airport for another rally at 5:30.

State Senators Kyle McCarter and John O. Jones are expected to endorse Senator Santorum there.


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  1. Cecile Milotti permalink

    Senator Santorum,
    I respect your honesty and the direct manner in which you answer journalists’ questions.
    I detest the negative ads that Mr. Romney has been bombarding us with in the last week or so in Illinois. He should be focusing on his own strengths instead of showing his insecurities.
    I live in Winnetka, IL. I wish you would come to the North Shore, if possible, tomorrow or Tuesday before the elections.
    I wrote on FB and on Twitter that the greatest danger to the American people is not necessarily the politicians, but the masses who vote without taking the time and effort to educate themselves about the issues.
    I hope to see you here. You and your family are welcome in my home.
    God Bless you and help you win!

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