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Events Monday are Going to be Great

March 19, 2012

Overwhelming response to our East Peoria Rally from 730 to 9 PM at Davis Brothers. The owners have knocked out a wall to accommodate more folks and we are building a stage outside. Family business  since 1948, free pizza party contrasted with the $1000 a plate funder in Peoria for Wall Street Romney at the same time.

Night and day folks. Vote for the candidate of Main Street who can win the working class Reagan Democrats in November.

Also… Only one candidate is speaking in Reagan’s hometown. The Reagan Republican- Rick Santorum.  High Noon at the Reagan statue on the river.



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  1. Maureen permalink

    Rick, Thanks so much for being such an inspiration! Our prayers are with you for a victory in Illinois. Our family attended the Rally in Arlington Heights and our 15 year old son missed it because he was on retreat. When he heard there was another rally, even though it was far away, he begged us to take him. So we loaded up all the kids and headed out to our second rally for you!

    Both your speeches ROCKED!! You need to get them to Facebook ASAP so your message and great vision for America gets out there!

    Kevin and Xavier put out 25 signs along busy rush hour corridors last night, and we picked up 25 more today in Elgin. Xavier put them out for you! We covered Barrington, Lake Zurich, Algonquin. . .only wished we had more signs!

    Praying for you ~
    The Kevin Donnelly family

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