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Signature Minimum Requirements

December 13, 2015

The Illinois State Board of Elections has published the following minimum signatures required for ballot access in each Congressional District for each Delegate/Alternate Team representing a Presidential candidate. Remember that registered voters may sign for multiple campaigns, even opposing ones, as long as they are all of the same political party.

1st CD- 337

2nd CD- 289

3rd CD- 548

4th CD- 145

5th CD- 455

6th CD- 899

7th CD- 179

8th CD- 475

9th CD- 514

10th CD- 563

11th CD- 533

12th CD- 756

13th CD- 739

14th CD- 861

15th CD- 987

16th CD- 804

17th CD- 598

18th CD- 1014

The statewide Santorum petition needs a minimum of 3000 and maximum of 5000 signatures.

It can be found here: PETITION – 2016 – Rick Santorum – President

Instructions for passing and signing petitions are here: Petition Santorum Delegate instructions

Please return all completed and signed Santorum petitions to

Jon Zahm, PO Box 1, Osco IL 61274 on, or before, December 28.

Thank you!





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