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6th Congressional District Santorum Team

Representing the 6th Congressional District will be three outstanding conservative Republican activists.

Todd Hartwell is a business owner and entrepreneur who served as a Santorum Delegate candidate in 2012. His wife, Tish, was a 2012 Alternate Delegate candidate in 2012. Together this couple is active in many church and political causes. The Hartwells reside in Elgin.

Tom Koppie, of rural Huntley, is a two time elected Rutland Township Road Commissioner. Tom has served as a Rutland Township Republican Precinct Committeeman for multiple terms during the 30 plus years he has been active in the political process.

The 6th District Delegate petition is here: 6thCDSantorum2016Delegates

The statewide Santorum for President petition is here: PETITION – 2016 – Rick Santorum – President



Getting Petition Signatures at Church

If you are a member of a Christian/Catholic Church you have three Sundays left to collect petition signatures for Senator Santorum.

Tomorrow the 20th, and December 27 and January 3rd are the last opportunities, as we will be filing our petitions in Springfield on Wednesday, January 6th.

You should collect the signatures in the welcome center or a coffee area of the church before services, after services, or between church  and Sunday School. Do not collect inside the sanctuary.

Sometimes  you will encounter a pastor or priest that forbids signature collection on church property. Explain to him/her that you are trying to get a pro-life and pro- traditional marriage candidate on the ballot and it is not an endorsement or vote, but rather it is a necessary civic and patriotic activity. It does NOT affect the tax exempt status of the church for a member to do this from person to person.

Any questions? Please call or text Jon Zahm at 630-946-8683.

Thank you for your help!

Carl Segvich Named Cook County Coordinator

Santorum for Illinois is pleased to announce Carl Segvich as our Cook County Coordinator and candidate for Delegate in the 7th Congressional District in Chicago.

Segvich is the 11th Ward Republican Committeeman where he consistently promotes Republican and Conservative values in the face of the heart of the Daley political machine. Segvich was Statewide Field Rep for Adam Andrzejewski for Governor in 2010 and was a 2012 Delegate candidate for Congressman Ron Paul. He has worked for countless conservative Republican campaigns over the years, including Oberweis for Governor and Oberweis for Senate.

Carl can be reached at or 312-404-CARL.

His delegate petition is here: 7thCDSantorumDelegate2016

Santorum Illinois Petition Blitz This Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday, December 19 and 20, are very important days in our petition signature collection efforts. It is the last weekend before Christmas and the weather is going to be decent in most parts of our state. We are asking each Santorum volunteer to collect 100 signatures this weekend, and 250 by December 30, so that we will be able to turn in our petitions to Springfield during the January 4-6 filing period.

Below you will find a link the Statewide Santorum petition and to instructions for circulators and signers. Send me an e-mail ( – 2016 – Rick Santorum – President to get the information and link to the Delegate petition relevant to your Congressional District. We should collect TWO signatures from each signer: one on the statewide petition and one on the delegate one.

Here are ideas on where to collect petition signatures.

Door to Door in your neighborhood

On the sidewalk in front of a public post office

At Republican Party organization and candidate Christmas parties

At your church (not in sanctuary, but in welcome center or common areas)

The exit door of a Menard’s or Home Depot

The exit door of a Jewel or local supermarket

A busy strip mall of multiple stores (stand by exit doors, never entrance doors or inside the doors).

Completed petitions to Jon Zahm, PO Box 1, Osco, IL 61274. My phone for texts and questions is 630-946-8683 or 630-WIN-VOTE.

Thanks for all your help. We are backing  the best candidate. Now let’s get him on the Illinois ballot.

PETITION – 2016 – Rick Santorum – President

Petition Santorum Delegate instructions


Signature Minimum Requirements

The Illinois State Board of Elections has published the following minimum signatures required for ballot access in each Congressional District for each Delegate/Alternate Team representing a Presidential candidate. Remember that registered voters may sign for multiple campaigns, even opposing ones, as long as they are all of the same political party.

1st CD- 337

2nd CD- 289

3rd CD- 548

4th CD- 145

5th CD- 455

6th CD- 899

7th CD- 179

8th CD- 475

9th CD- 514

10th CD- 563

11th CD- 533

12th CD- 756

13th CD- 739

14th CD- 861

15th CD- 987

16th CD- 804

17th CD- 598

18th CD- 1014

The statewide Santorum petition needs a minimum of 3000 and maximum of 5000 signatures.

It can be found here: PETITION – 2016 – Rick Santorum – President

Instructions for passing and signing petitions are here: Petition Santorum Delegate instructions

Please return all completed and signed Santorum petitions to

Jon Zahm, PO Box 1, Osco IL 61274 on, or before, December 28.

Thank you!




Kathy Salvi to Head Santorum Delegate Team in 14th CD


An all-star team of conservative Republican leaders has signed up as Delegates for Senator Rick Santorum in the 14th Congressional District.

Heading the team is Kathy Salvi, a successful attorney, wife and mother and former candidate for United States Congress. She is very active in the pro-life movement and Catholic causes and charities.

Irene Napier, the longtime head of McHenry County Right to Life, has been a conservative leader in the pro-family movement in Illinois for many decades.

Nancy Weber, a conservative precinct committeewoman from St. Charles, is an outstanding volunteer for many campaigns and causes. She is a tireless advocate for life, and supporting pregnant mothers and their babies.

Her daughter, Patricia Weber, has volunteered all of her young life with her family for conservative candidates and causes. She is an Alternate Delegate candidate and is getting married in 2016.


9th CD Santorum Team Led by Penny Pullen


Above is the link to the 9th CD petition. Conservative leader Penny Pullen heads the delegation. She also serves as State Co-Chair of Santorum for President in Illinois and is a former 16 year state representative and former Republican National Committeewoman for Illinois under Ronald Reagan. Penny currently is a longtime leader of the Eagle Forum of Illinois.

Delegate Jeannine Como is one of the leading volunteers in the Santorum organization and is an active member of the Niles Township Republican organization.

Delegate Mark Albers ran a spirited campaign for Morton Grove Trustee earlier this year and is a well respected conservative Republican in the area.

Alternate Delegate Joe Hedrick is a real estate broker by profession, and is the elected Republican Chairman of Niles Township. He was a 2012 Santorum Delegate.

Alternate Delegate Steven Polit of Mount Prospect is a conservative Republican activist and 2012 Alternate Delegate candidate for Senator Santorum.

Alternate Delegate candidate Angela Como is a young woman interested in learning more about the political process and a solid supporter of conservative values in general, and Senator Santorum specifically.